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The Ocean is Our Life

Did you know that our oceans, which cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, absorb about 30% of the carbon dioxide produced by humans? Unfortunately, despite the ocean’s colossal role in sustaining life on Earth, they are under severe threat due to human activities. This article will present 40 easy and actionable ways and tips any of us can contribute to saving our oceans.

40 Easy Tips and Ways to Save the Ocean

  1. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Always recycle your waste appropriately, diminishing the chances of it ending up in the ocean.
  2. Make Safe Seafood Choices: Support sustainable fishing practices to avoid overfishing. Check Seafood Watch for sustainable options
  3. Go Vegan or Vegetarian: Raising livestock, and overfishing can lead to overgrazing and runoff into oceans among other things, check out my article on why I went vegan.
  4. Beach Clean-Ups: Participate in or organize beach clean-ups to reduce ocean litter. Visit the Surfrider Foundation for beach clean-up events.
  5. Use Fewer Plastic Products: Plastics take ages to degrade and often find their way into the ocean. Explore Plastic Pollution Coalition for plastic-free alternatives.
  6. Choose Ocean-Friendly Products: Avoid products that destroy undersea life, like cosmetics with microbeads. Refer to Beat the Microbead for a list of ocean-friendly products
  7. Limit Energy Use: Reduce your carbon footprint by conserving energy, as excess carbon dioxide contributes to ocean acidification.
  8. Carpool or Cycle: Cut down carbon emissions by opting for shared or non-motorized means of transport. Cutting back on carbon emissions is one of the most important ways to save our ocean.
  9. Choose Eco-friendly Sunscreen: Some sunscreens contain chemicals harmful to marine life and corals. Learn about reef-safe sunscreens from Stream2Sea
  10. Plant More Trees: Trees absorb carbon dioxide, reducing the impact of ocean acidification.
  11. Educate Yourself and Others: Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you can do to help. Read informative articles on Ocean Conservancy
  12. Respect Marine Life: Avoid disturbing undersea life while diving or snorkeling.
  13. Support Organizations Protecting the Ocean: Your donations can greatly aid in ocean conservation efforts. Check out Project AWARE for donation opportunities.
  14. Opt for Digital: Paper production leads to deforestation and subsequent soil runoff that harms the ocean.
  15. Be Part of Citizen Science Projects: Participate in data collection and monitoring of sea conditions. Learn more from
  16. Inform Authorities of Wrong Practices: Inform relevant authorities if you witness environmentally harmful practices on the beach or sea.
  17. Use Water Wisely: Help conserve our freshwater resources and prevent wastewater run-off into the oceans.
  18. Eco-friendly Tourism: Only support tourism companies that prioritize sustainable practices. Look for responsible tour operators listed on The International Ecotourism Society
  19. Vote Responsibly: Support policymakers who prioritize environmental conservation.
  20. Limit Single-Use Items: Plastic straws and grocery bags pollute the ocean. limiting your use and support for these is one of the most effective ways to save the ocean.
  21. Carry Reusable Shopping Bags and Water Bottles: A simple habit that reduces plastic waste.
  22. Shop Wise: Minimize purchasing items with excessive packaging.
  23. Use Biodegradable Cleaning Products: Always go for eco-friendly cleaning agents.
  24. Advocate for Marine Protected Areas: These areas will serve as safe havens for marine life.
  25. Say No to Souvenirs Made from Marine Life: Buying such souvenirs encourages killing marine species.
  26. Contribute to Ocean Research: Sponsor or participate in research to understand and protect the ocean. Support institutions like Scripps Institution of Oceanography
  27. Avoid Products with Palm Oil: Palm oil production can result in deforestation and subsequent harm to oceans. Choose better options listed on the World Wildlife Fund’s Palm Oil Guide
  28. Conserve Household Energy: Use energy-saving appliances and light bulbs to reduce your carbon footprint. Find suitable products on Energy Star
  29. Practice Safe Boating: Avoid spillage and dumping into the ocean when boating.
  30. Maintain Your Septic System: Leaky septic systems can contaminate oceans with harmful bacteria and nutrients.
  31. Keep Your Gutters Clean: Keeping gutters clean reduces the chances of harmful substances flowing into storm drains that lead to the ocean.
  32. Don’t Release Balloons: Balloons often find their way into the ocean, posing a danger to marine life. These and other plastics can look like a sea turtle’s diet. Stopping these getting into the ocean is one of the crucial ways you can save the ocean.
  33. Purchase Ocean-Friendly Pet Products: Some pet products contain harmful substances that can be washed into the ocean.
  34. Mind Your Carbon Footprint: More carbon dioxide leads to ocean acidification, harming marine life.
  35. Limit Use of Harmful Chemicals: Toxic chemicals can enter waterways and impact ocean health.
  36. Composting: This reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers, the runoff of which may harm oceans.
  37. Use a Rain Barrel: Collecting rainwater prevents stormwater runoff that carries pollutants to the ocean.
  38. Install a Rain Garden: Like rain barrels; these collect water runoff.
  39. Control Soil Erosion Around Your Home: Soil erosion can lead to harmful sediments entering oceans.
  40. Share Your Ocean Love: Use your social platforms to raise awareness.

Why These Tips Matter

By diligently implementing these tips, we can have a significant positive impact on our oceans. Each plastic bottle recycled is one less threatening marine life, and each sustainable seafood choice helps lessen overfishing. Our actions, when collectively embraced, can bring about monumental change.

Our oceans need our protection now more than ever. We can significantly contribute to preserving this vital life source by adopting any of these 40 easy tips in our everyday lives. Remember, every little step counts. Let’s all play our part and share this information to spread awareness.


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