Dive the unique, supporting change

Infinite Blue was founded by Nzer Brett Robertson back in the hazy late months of 2004. The mission, to dive the best there was to offer, meanwhile doing the utmost to spread the word of marine stewardship and the necessity to preserve the world’s marine ecosystem. Ever since then, at Infinite Blue, we have been having a lot of fun and providing a lot of help. For over a decade, we have been directly contributing to conservation efforts both in our local area and in others through organizing educational lectures, participating and arranging activities or through our policy of donating a percentage of all profits to conservation organizations. We have been involved with different groups with a range of various projects, from Sea Shepherd to Lamave, Oceanquest to Shark Savers, and all the while, doing some brilliant diving. From searching for schools of Hammerheads in the Pacific to tracking down Hairy Shrimp amongst the muck in the Lembeh Straits, Indonesia, and Dauin, Philippines, now at Infinite Blue Dive Travel, we reckon we are in a pretty good place to help you dive the most unique dive destinations in the world with a good conscience.

Meet the team


Diver and founder Brett

Around 8000 dives later, or a few dive computers at least, here we are with the latest incarnation of Infinite Blue. From dive guiding to instructing PADI dive courses, from dive liveaboard owner-operator to dive resort owner-operator, four times PADI Platinum Course Director and the recipient of PADI’s outstanding contribution to Instructor Development, Infinite Blue has been along on the journey. I hope that Infinite Blue can take you on a trip too, meanwhile giving you a deeper understanding of the environmental situation of our oceans, how you can help, and how you can get involved in helping. One simple way we can aid the health of our oceans is by reducing our consumption of animal products, which includes fish, and move towards a plant-based diet. For this reason, all dive operators featured here will necessarily be able to offer a good range of vegan or vegetarian options on their boats or in their resorts. Let the journey begin…


Intrepid Infinite Blue field reporter

or ‘Teagan the Vegan’ is an American from Alaska who, for eleven years, has been scouring the world for plant-based eats and the best dive spots for both SCUBA and free diving. He has an instructor rating in all three of these endeavors, drinks more water than considered humanly possible, and runs incomprehensibly long distances becoming a flagship model for plant-based proteins. Teagans’ passion is the environment, which is present in his teaching, as well as in his critique of dive operations, His eco-friendly curiosity and investigations guarantee you will be supporting change when you take your next dive holiday.


Dive, Educate, Eat and Protect.

Or DEEP for short.