Once in a Lifetime

There are some awesome dive adventures out there awaiting you. Raja Ampat, Galapagos Islands, Socorro, Komodo National Park, to name just a few. Occasionally there are some extra special ones, truly unique experiences that you wont want to miss.

Some remarkable itineraries are to encounter marine life that only appear at a certain time such as the spawning events in Palau. Some have been arranged so that you may learn more about your passion and help conservation efforts at the same time. Yet others have been created to be especially inclusive of your interests with completely plant-based dive cruises and yoga trips.

We called them boutique dive trips, but the goal is to make these itineraries commonplace as the dive industry moves toward becoming more inclusive and aware. Support the initiatives, and make outstanding scuba memories forever. Get in touch for the most up-to-date boutique dive trips.

Bumphead Parrotfish and Snapper Spawning

These two spawning events were discovered just over a decade ago in Palau, and have since become one of the most sought after dive experiences the world over.

The Parrotfish

During the new moon phases bumphead parrotfish in the thousands, aggregate to spawn. These fish are becoming difficult enough to spot during diving normally, but here they turn up en masse to get jiggy, and ensure their continued survival. The dive itself is relatively sheltered, with calm waters, but starts early and ends in the blue.

The Snapper

Over the full moon the twin spotted snapper aggregate in their hundreds to tens of thousands. The eggs and sperm are released on the tide to give them a chance to avoid the pelagic life that comes to feed on them. This spawning event takes places on the outer reef and is subject to very strong currents, so you should be advanced enough to handle this and also the chance of separation from your buddy amongst the wondrous mayhem.

Blackwater Diving and Photography

Blackwater diving is a relatively new endeavour that was originally discovered and shaped in the Philippines. Especially focused on underwater photography, this involves heading out in the black of night, into mid-water, aided by a powerful light source that attracts an assortment of weird and wonderful marine life. Since its inception, Blackwater diving has come to include that in the open ocean, bonfire, and closer to the reef. For a completely unique experience, we can help you arrange a  Blackwater diving experience with our partners below.

For more information about these remarkable dive itineraries, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Boutique Diving FAQ's

Boutique dive trips are something out of the ordinary. Dive itineraries that are especially organized. By taking part in them, you will experience something very special, that will create special scuba memories for years to come.

Some of the dive trips are suitable for beginners, some, such as the snapper aggregation in Palau are not. Get in touch with us to see which itineraries are appropriate for you.

Generally our special dive itineraries are not more expensive. Although, some that may involve guest presentations, or seminars onboard, will cost more. But, the extra expense goes towards a good cause, and you can be assured you are helping marine life.

Conservation organizations may arrange a special trip with added interest such as seminars, or learning events. Profits made from these will be directed back into the organization to help the marine environment. For more details about marine conservation organizations, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our vegan | Plant-based dive itineraries seek to reclaim dive travel for the under represented.

On a completely vegan trip, we would suggest  your partner try whats available, they may love it! Many trips are not strictly plant-based, so no worries there.

Get in touch for more information regarding menus during dive trips.