Manta Trust expeditions, Similan and Surin islands

13.02.20 – 20.02.20 : 1750.00 USD

Formed in 2011, the Manta Trust is a UK and US-registered charity that co-ordinates global mobulid research and conservation efforts. The team is comprised of a diverse group of researchers, scientists, conservationists, educators and media experts; working together to share and promote knowledge and expertise. The shared mission of this team is to conserve mobulid rays, their relatives, and their habitats, through a combination of research, education and collaboration.

The goal is a sustainable future for the oceans, where manta rays and their relatives thrive in healthy, diverse marine ecosystems. The Manta Trust takes a unique, multifaceted approach to Mobulid conservation, which sets us apart from others in the field. Our approach revolves around three fundamental pillars: Research, Education and Collaboration.

As part of the mission to raise awareness and provide education on manta ray conservation, the Manta Trust has teamed up with regional eco-minded tourism operators to provide ‘Manta Expeditions’—a series of liveaboard dive and snorkel trips that focus specifically on getting our guests in close proximity to manta rays, whilst imparting expert knowledge and skills.

More information about the vessel here.


Palau spawning cruises onboard S/Y Palau Siren

02.06-12.06.2020, full moon: 5850 USD.

15.08-25.08.2020, new moon: 4520 USD.

26.09-03.10.2020, full moon: 3352 USD.

04.06-11.06.2021, new moon: 3950 USD.

A spawning cruise onboard the S/Y Palau Siren is a truly exceptional and inspirational experience. Spawning cruises are only available at certain times of the year, as they follow the lunar cycle. If you join one of these cruises you will have a chance to witness one of the most spectacular natural events on earth. Choose between the spawning aggregations of the bumphead parrotfish, occurring at new moon and the Red Snapper at full moon lunar cycles.

At the new moon, thousands of bumphead parrotfish gather together in one at one particular time each month. Building up to a spectacular showdown, males begin their display of dominance, attempting to attract as many mating partners as possible. As females continue to gather, the school spills out into the blue where the tension erupts into a climatic mating dance. At full moon, red snappers aggregate to show their similar spawning spectacle full of energy and excitement. Not surprisingly,  these events also attract the biggest predators in Palau, such as bull sharks, oceanic blacktip sharks and hammerheads. Watch how they hunt actively within the large school of spawning fish. It is something only a select few people ever get to witness and now you can be one of them!