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Myths About Veganism

Look around any dive boat, and you’re bound to see the telltale sign of a fellow vegan munching on a pack of seaweed snacks or brandishing a homemade hummus sandwich like a badge of honor. Hummus is life, but despite our growing numbers, we plant-powered folk are sprouting up everywhere; just like those mighty, protein-rich lentils we love, there’s still an ocean of myths swirling around veganism.

Like mysterious underwater caves, these misconceptions beg for further exploration. They’re whispers in the wind saying, “Vegans can’t get enough protein,” or “A vegan diet isn’t balanced.” Like a determined diver with a purpose, let’s strap on our proverbial gear and dive directly into debunking these oft-repeated fallacies. Who knows? We might discover an unexpected treasure trove of truths along the way.

Myth 1: Vegans Can’t Get Enough Protein

Whoa, hold your seahorses! ‘No protein,’ you say? Let’s ask our Popeye-like Lentil, Mr. Quinoa, and the Mighty Chickpea – all jam-packed with protein. And let’s not forget our leafy friend, spinach, which packs more protein punch than most realize. Hippos, elephants, and gorillas are plant eaters and some of the strongest in the world.

Chia seeds are a daily go-to for me, and you also get your Omegas.  To top it off, edamame are fervently rehearsing their version of Protein Polka. Spirulina is a deep sea-green superfood that wields more protein per square algae than most traditional sources and gives your smoothie a sassy seaweed swish. Think of it as an aqua-version of Protein-Packed Popeye!


Myth 2: Vegans Are Always Hungry

If anyone missed it, a vegan diet doesn’t mean surviving exclusively on carrot sticks and lettuce leaves. From hearty lentil stew and black bean tacos to creamy vegan risotto, vegans can indulge in a variety of filling, satisfying meals that would make even the most carnivorous stomach roar with envy.

We’ve got piles of protein-enriched pasta and heaps of root vegetables. Palettes are as fulfilled in most dishes. Is tofu turkey on your mind? Gofer it! As for vegan lasagna, it possesses the power to satiate.. grease-lightning quickly! And until you’ve feasted on a vegan shepherd’s pie. It’s like finding the Atlantean treasure, only yummier!

Myth 3: A Vegan Diet Isn’t Balanced

Ah, our favorite myth. Like a clownfish navigating through anemones, navigating a balanced vegan diet is about understanding and adaptability. With a wide variety of fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, and seeds, achieving a balanced diet as a vegan is as smooth sailing as a perfect diving day.

Throw in rich, red lentils or pow-pow pumpkin seeds loaded with iron, and you’re good to glow, or should we say dive? Meanwhile, rocketing levels of zingy vitamin C can be found in buffers of bell peppers and a congregation of citrus fruits.  Flaxseeds, Walnuts, and Chia Seeds are also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and are always ready for good ol’ brain-health hoedown.

Debunking common myths about veganism | Scales

Myth 4: Vegan Food Is Bland

Just as the ocean teems with vibrant sea creatures, the vegan palette is a riot of flavors and colors. Picture a spicy Thai curry, rich avocado sushi rolls, or a crunchy, tangy kale salad. In the hands of a creative cook, vegan food is anything but bland.

Myth 5: All Vegans Are Skinny

Vegans come in all shapes and sizes, just like the diverse species residing in a coral reef. Eating plant-based doesn’t automatically mean you’re as slim as a sea cucumber. It’s a lifestyle choice more about conscious, ethical eating than the numbers on a scale.

Myth 6: Vegans Can’t Build Muscle

Oh, my sea stars! Clearly, someone hasn’t floated past a vegan bodybuilder. Plant-based pals like tofu, tempeh, and seitan are the heavyweight champions of protein. Furthermore, the amino acids in quinoa and legumes are just as capable of constructing muscles as their animal-based counterparts. Dive even deeper into the world of plant-based fitness and get inspired.

Myth 7: It’s Expensive to be Vegan

Money in a glass | Debunking common myths about veganism

Being a vegan doesn’t mean you’re swimming in cash like Scrooge McDuck. From rice and beans to fresh produce, the staples of a plant-based diet can be astonishingly affordable compared to prime cuts of meat and dairy products. Discover how to embrace a budget-friendly vegan lifestyle without sacrificing flavor.

Myth 8: Vegans Don’t Get Enough Calcium

Well, now here’s a whale of a tale! Vegans don’t rely on dairy for calcium, as leafy greens like kale, collard greens, and bok choy sport a surprising supply of calcium. Almonds, sesame seeds, and fortified plant milks are also calcium-rich options. Check out these calcium-rich vegan recipes to keep your bones strong as a dolphin’s flipper.

Myth 9: Vegan Diets Only Benefit Animals

Surfacing to the big picture, one quickly realizes that veganism supports a healthier ocean ecosystem. Choosing a plant-based diet reduces the demand for overfished species, protects coral reefs by decreasing the runoff pollution from animal agriculture, and combats climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about how plant-based diets support ocean ecosystems in our informative article.

Myth 10: Vegans Can’t Bake or Enjoy Tasty Desserts

Debunking Common Myths About Veganism | Cupcakes

Anchor’s aweigh! A vast sea of delightful desserts awaits in the vegan baking world. Vegan bakers navigate the culinary

ocean armed with egg substitutes, dairy-free milks, and other unconventional ingredients that make cake-batter waves and cookie-crumble tsunamis possible. Discover the endless possibilities in our treasure trove of vegan dessert delights.

Much like the sun shining over a vast ocean, the truth about vegan myths is sparkling and illuminating. As vegan divers, we’re not only embracing a compassionate, eco-friendly lifestyle but also thriving in our underwater adventures. Now armed with even more myth-busting knowledge and brimming with internal links, continue exploring the oceans and spreading the truth. Dive safe, eat vegan, and keep making a splash!

Fair winds and following seas, fellow vegans and divers. Keep exploring, keep challenging, and keep those sea cucumbers off the barbecue!

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