The world's soft coral capital

When to dive
  • Warm season: November – April, best for critters.
  • Cool season: May – October, best visibility and big fish encounters.

For peaceful beaches and spellbinding diving experiences, Fiji has a lot to offer. Known as the
“Soft Coral Capital of the World” Fiji qualifies as a destination for all kinds of diving.
From the stunning beauty of it’s lagoons and caverns to shark encounters within the warm blue waters, Fiji represents a once in a lifetime diving excursion. Fiji is also famous for its currents, which bring diverse marine life comprising pelagic creatures as well as macro marine life. The currents bring nutrient rich waters which makes it home to soft corals and beautiful reefs. With 1000 plus fish species and more than 500 coral species, the waters of Fiji are enchantingly bountiful.

Known as one of the best shark diving spots in the world, sometimes up to eight different species of shark can be spotted in one dive. Prepare yourself to witness Tigers, Bulls, Sicklefin Lemons, Silvertips, Grey Reefs, Whitetip Reefs, Blacktip Reefs, and Tawny Nurses.

Clear, warm tropical waters, sharks, and some of the most beautiful soft coral on the planet, what are you waiting for?