The Enchanted Isles

Galapagos often represents the crown jewel in people’s scuba diving bucket list and is definitely one to get under your weight belt if you have the chance. Famed as the place where Charles Darwin discovered his theory of evolution, and lead to him authoring one of the most essential texts in biology, ‘ The Origin of Species.’  This group of islands off the coast of Ecuador is famed for its natural beauty and diversity of marine life. Most divers here will book liveaboard trips and most itineraries will include land tours to see the giant Galapagos Tortoise, but diving here can be done from both liveaboard and resort, Galapagos is a once in a lifetime experience, we recommend doing both. From a diving perspective, Darwin and Wolfe are the most popular destinations, and only accessible by liveaboard. Here you will encounter Hammerhead sharks, silky sharks, Galapagos sharks, whale shark, and turtles. On other dives sites such as Isabela Island, you can swim with sea lions, penguins and marine Iguanas. Santa Cruz island has a stunning flamingo lagoon and mangrove forest and is home to the Charles Darwin Research Station.


The M/Y Blue Spirit is a comfortable, double engined, 33 metre long, steel-hulled vessel, that carries a maximum of sixteen passengers. All cabins are equipped with air conditioning and a private bathroom. The friendly staff will service your cabin several times a day to ensure your comfort. The beautiful lounge and restaurant areas are the perfect setting for your delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner. Included in your trip are informative lectures and photo presentations. To ensure your full enjoyment of the Galapagos, several land tours are also included in the itinerary. If you wish to take a purely naturalist tour there are itineraries just for snorkeling and treking, please just fire us a message for more information about those.


Your eight day itinerary aboard the M/Y Blue Spirit will make sure you get to encounter the best of what the Galapagos has to offer. Definitely a life-time experience, don’t delay!


  • AM : Flight to Baltra airport Galapagos.
  • PM : Santa Cruz Highlands to visit giant tortoises, Los Gemelos.
  • Dive one, Punta Espejo.
  • Dive two, Punta Espejo.
  • Dive three, Punta Mejia.
  • Dive four, Punta Mejia.
  • Dive one, La Banana.
  • Dive two, Punta Shark Bay.
  • Dive three, Islote La Ventana.
  • Dive four, El Derrumbe.
  • Dive one, El Arco.
  • Dive two, El Arco.
  • Dive three, El Areno
  • Dive four, El Areno.
  • Dive one, Punta Shark Bay.
  • Dive two, El Derrumbe.
  • Dive three, Islote La Ventana.
  • Dive four, La Banana.
  • Dive one, Cabo Douglas.
  • Dive two, Cabo Douglas.
  • Dive three, Punta Vincente Roca.
  • Dive four, Punta Vincente Roca.
  • Dive one, Cousins Rock.
  • Dive two, Cousins Rock.
  • Afternoon land visit.
  • Disembarkation
  • Flight back to mainland Ecuador.

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Galapagos 8 days
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  • Accommodation in a lower deck cabin.
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Galapagos 8 days
from $5795 USDper person
  • Accommodation in an upper deck cabin.
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Galapagos 8 days
from $8468 USDper person
  • Accommodation in a single cabin.
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