UNESCO World Heritage Site

Tubbataha located in the Sulu Sea is a marine reserve and a world UNESCO heritage site, and due to its location and dependence on weather conditions is only accessible by liveaboard and dived March till June. The marine reserve is made up of two reefs, referred to as North and South Reefs both enclose a sandy lagoon. At the southern tip is an islet with a lighthouse which is used as a rookery for birds and is frequented by sea turtles. Tubbataha Reefs Natural Parks is home to more than 570 species of fish, 370 species of coral, 11 species of shark, 12 species of dolphin and whale. There are also nesting Hawksbill and Green sea turtles. Tubbataha is one of THE places to dive for scuba adventurers.


Tubbataha Marine Reserve is situated ….. out in the Sulu Sea, as always with a liveaboard it makes sense to choose one of quality, that can assure you the safest journey whilst being professionally cared for. The Atlantis Azores and the highly experienced crew is guaranteed to take care of you in the way you deserve. Some boat specs include:

  • 30-metre long aluminium monohull refitted in 2019.
  • 6-metre beam with a 2.2 metre draft for stability.
  • All navigation, communication and safety equipment you should expect on a high-end vessel.
  • 8 staterooms accommodating a maximum capacity of 16 guests.
  • 2 Cummins engines, do not settle for less on a trip like this.

You will embark for your trip at Puerto Princessa, Palawan, and travel over to the north of the Tubbataha UNESCO marine reserve. Over the next six days, you will dive the best there is to offer. Experience crystal clear waters, healthy coral reefs, huge numbers of pelagics, sharks and always, always with a chance of Whale sharks. Once you have made your way around the park by the end of day 6, you will sail back to Puerto Princessa to disembark on Day 7.  Dive sites to look forward to include : Amos Rock, Shark Airport, and Washing Machine.


You will be searching cracks and crevices for resting nurse and whitetip reef sharks along a wall covered in huge gorgonian fan corals, soft corals, and barrel sponges. Looking into the blue you will have the chance to spot Manta, Eagle rays, and numerous turtles. Usually, Blacktip, Whitetip, and Grey Reef sharks can be seen patrolling here in large numbers.

The entire length of this face of the reef is excellent for diving. Almost every species of native reef fish can be found here, large fish encounters will include Giant and Bluefiin Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna, Great and Pick handle Barracuda. Manta ray and turtles swim closer to the surface and there is a wreck that can be seen during low tide.  You will dive at dusk here amongst storms of fish whilst they are feeding.

There are plenty of schools of reef fish and vibrant corals to keep you occupied while you wait for Manta who can hang around and play with divers for majestic hours when they show up in an area renowned for Green and Hawksbill turtles with schools of pelagic fish and shark.

The area also known as the Lighthouse has impressive views over the reef. Here you will find plenty of reef fish, corals, and sponges living in symbiosis.

Here you are certain to see Whitetip and Grey reef sharks whilst keeping your eyes open for pelagics. If there is a current running you can spot Spanish Mackeral, Giant Trevally, Napoleon Wrasse, and Giant Groupers. Spotted Eagle ray and Rainbow runners against a background of huge Gorgonian fans where Pygmy seahorses can be found. As always a chance of Whale shark!

Plenty of pelagic action, shark and turtles, and as always with a chance of Whale shark!


7 nights Tubbataha, UNESCO world heritage site
from $3995 USDper person
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7 nights Tubbataha, UNESCO world heritage site
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7 nights Tubbataha, UNESCO world heritage site
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