Best time to dive
  • Lembeh-All year round
  • Komodo-March to October
  • Raja Ampat-October to April
  • Bunaken-May to October
  • Bali-May to November
  • Ambon-September to June

Escape to one of the World’s most enchanting dive destinations. Located at the heart of the coral triangle, Indonesia is well known for its underwater diversity. With more than 13, 466 islands and extremely biodiverse marine life Indonesia hosts a paradise below the waters of the World’s largest island nation. Dive amongst the most diverse marine species on the globe and surround yourself with a myriad of colors, sea-scapes, and megafauna as this destination offers a variety of diving including reefs, walls, muck, and intense drift diving. During your holiday in Indonesia, you may have the chance to experience:

  • Deep Water Trenches
  • Volcanic Sea Mounts
  • World War II Wrecks
  • 600 species of coral
  • 3, 000 species of fish
  • 20% of the World’s coral reefs
  • Manta Rays
  • Shark action
  • Whale Sharks

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