Dive Indonesia

Best time to dive
  • Lembeh: All year round
  • Komodo: March to October
  • Raja Ampat: October to April
  • Bunaken: May to October
  • Bali: May to November
  • Ambon: September to June

The World’s Most Vibrant Dive Destination

Located in the most bio-diverse marine environment on the planet, Indonesia is well known amongst diving circles for the sheer beauty of its underwater habitats. You have probably spotted nature documentaries highlighting the abundance of Raja Ampat, the wildness of Komodo and its dragons, or the odd circular Mola Mola cruising on the upwellings off Bali.

If you are an avid underwater photographer, you have undoubtedly heard tell of the most fantastic muck diving and macro scuba destination on the planet, Lembeh. With the constant discovery of new sites and their treasures, especially out towards the East, Indonesia can genuinely be said to have it all when it comes to scuba diving.


Incredible Indonesian Dive Destinations

Indonesian Dive Highlights

  • Deep Water Trenches
  • Volcanic Sea Mounts
  • World War II Wrecks
  • 600 species of coral
  • 3, 000 species of fish
  • 20% of the World’s coral reefs
  • Manta Rays
  • Shark action
  • Whale Sharks
  • Fantastic liveaboards
  • Beautiful dive resorts
  • Drift diving
  • Schooling pelagics
  • Remote, newly discovered sites
  • Fascinating cultures
  • Mola Mola
  • Best muck diving
  • Divine visibility

Dive Sites

Not only are there numerous underwater environments and habitats, which include vibrant coral reefs, plunging walls, remote pinnacles, and historical wrecks, which support a variety of marine life. Indonesia is also home to the most abundant reefs in the world. These reefs embrace the Raja Ampat archipelago which has been called ‘the’ epicentre of marine biodiversity and bang in the middle of the coral triangle. If you can dive anywhere in the area, then Raja Ampat should feature high on your list.

The seas here support a wide variety of marine life and are of great ecological importance. You will find colourful fish, sharks, rays, turtles and corals galore. From slow foraging over muck sites for shrimps and nudibranchs to intense drift diving over incredibly healthy Komodo reefs in warm and clear waters, the archipelago is a scuba divers ‘ paradise.


Indonesia is a compellingly diverse country with a rich culture and history. From the once cannibalistic Asmat in remote Papua to the graceful Balinese culture in Bali, there is much to explore. Many dive destinations are located in areas allowing you to immerse yourself in local customs and traditions. It is a great way to spend a while before your diving or for a few days after while you off-gas.

More Information, we have got you

For more info about the best places to dive in Indonesia, take a look here. Teagan explains a bit about inclusive dive trips here. When you are off to dive into more remote sites, you want to be sure what you are in for. Here, is why we think you should make Indonesia your next dive holiday destination.

Vegan | Plant-based Divers

Indonesian cuisine is equally as compelling and captivating as the diving, and with plenty of plant-based alternatives and options available, you won’t go hungry. Once playing a vital role in the international spice trade, Indonesian cuisine is infused with those spices and touches of influence from the countries that traded in them. Teagan and I have done plenty of eating of discovery for you, so can guide you in the right gastronomic direction.

Indonesian Travel Tips (at a glance)

  • Capital: Jakarta
  • International  airports: JKT & DPS(Bali)
  • Currency: Indonesian Rupiah IDR
  • Visa: Visa on arrival, 50 USD
  • Language: Bahasa Indonesian
  • Weather: Tropical, hot and humid
  • Power supply: 230 volts | 50 hz
  • Plug type: C&F, two straight round plugs
  • Culture: Very welcoming


Diving Indonesia FAQ's

Map of Indonesia | Infinite Blue Dive TravelIndonesia is north of Australia and in the south of Southeast Asia. There are many flights into the capital city of Jakarta from destinations around the world. There are also many international flights heading into Bali international airport daily.

Indonesia is highly accessible from major hubs such as Bangkok, Thailand, and Singapore.

Regarding diving holidays, the best place to fly into would be Bali, which is further east than Jakarta and closer to the fantastic dive destinations in Eastern Indonesia. Bali is also a great place to spend some time before or after your diving trip.



One of the wonderful things about diving in Indonesia is that it is incredible, additionally, you don’t need to be highly experienced to participate.

There are many fantastic dive locations, such as Tulamben, Lembeh, Padang Bai, and Gilli islands, where you can build up your scuba experience while doing some great scuba. If you have just started out on your scuba diving journey, fire us a message and we can give you some tips on less challenging Indonesian dive destinations.

Indonesia has quite a range of scuba diving prices, from cheaper dive shops to high-end dive resorts and liveaboards. Diving is not as inexpensive as in neighbouring Thailand or the Philippines, but with the extra cost generally comes a better dive experience.

Indonesia is one of the best places to dive on the planet. A vast range of different dive environments is coupled with some of the richest and most varied marine life around. Whatever kind of diving you fancy doing, Indonesia is most likely to have it.

Yes, you most definitely can. Moreover, there are plenty of dive shops in Indonesia where you can get certified as a scuba diver or upgrade your current diving certification level. The dive shops generally tend towards PADI courses, but other diving education systems, such as SSI, are also available. You can even start your learning before you leave for your dive holiday with PADI E learning. You can read more about that here.

All year! Indonesia is so vast and with so many different climates that you can find fantastic diving all year round. So no matter when it is time for your diving holiday, there will always be great diving to be found. Contact us, and we can make some suggestions for your diving, dependent on the time of the year.

We have been diving in Indonesia for decades. If you have any questions, don’t be frightened to get in touch!