East of the spice isles

Raja Ampat diving casts a spell on all who descend into its abundant waters – scientists, photographers, novice and lifetime divers alike. Situated at the heart of the Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat holds the prestigious title as the most marine bio-diverse place on earth. Recently a count of fish and coral species found Raja to contain over 1400 species of reef fish and more than 600 species of coral, of all the world’s coral species, 75 percent can be found by you here. Along with large numbers of pelagic species, Raja Ampat is a must to get under your weight belt.

The Indonesian Siren, and your home during your dive trip, was built and is managed by Master Liveaboards. Designed to take into account everything that a diver and underwater photographer could wish for, she offers flexible cabin arrangements, a generous outdoor diving area, and one of the most spacious dive decks around. Safety is a preeminent issue onboard, and the vessel is equipped with all necessary safety features. Personal GPS devices for divers are available, and the crew is regularly updated with the latest emergency procedures. There are workstations inside and out for your equipment, and the diving is done from one of two comfortable tenders.

Home to the richest biodiversity in the world, Raja is blessed with breathtaking diving. Consisting of four major islands, the four kings, Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo,  Diving in Raja can be split up into north and south, both are exceptional, but are also a little different. We have dived both on different occasions and together on others, so we highly recommend choosing the 10-night trip on the Siren if you have the time, this way you will get to experience a great deal of the area’s wonders. Diving in the south is mainly centered around Misool, which is protected by the Misool Private Marine Reserve. Here you will be stunned by the coral and fish life, you may even have the chance to see an Epaulette shark walking around on its fins. Don’t miss Magic Mountain for the Manta and Boo….because it’s incredible. Diving in the north could be described as a little less on coral and more on fish, a very difficult distinction to make, but I would say more current. In the north don’t miss Manta Ridge, Cape Kri, The Passage, Mike’s Pt, Citrus Ridge, and Mioskon. Your dive trip will take you to the best dive sites Raja has to offer. We haven’t met a diver yet who once has been there, doesn’t vow to return.


Ferry from Sorong to Waisai at 14:30 for embarkation at 17:00

Up to 4 dives a day, scheduled as follows

  • – Light Breakfast followed by a briefing & dive 1.
  • – Full Breakfast, relaxation followed by briefing & dive 2.
  • – Lunch, relaxation followed by briefing & dive 3.
  • – Snacks and relaxation.
  • – Briefing for Sunset or Night dive.
  • – Dinner.

Up to 2 dives.

Disembarkation no later than 10:00

Dive Packages

Raja Ampat | 10N | Veganuary
from $ 4360 USDper person
  • 4 guided dives per day, can include night dives.
  • Full board including four meals per day and a snack. Unlimited coffee, tea and juice.
  • Amazing plant-based food.
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