Tulamben is a small village on the East coast of Bali close to Amed (another popular diving destination). It is widely known for the USAT Liberty Wreck, a ship that was sunk in 1942 by the Japanese, which has created a very accessible and abundant dive site. The area also has world-class macro diving and the chance to encounter pelagics such as manta and the odd whale shark. The area is quiet on land but has some pleasant new cafes and restaurants. There is the option to head to Amed (a 15-minute drive) if you want a bit of nightlife, relaxed cafes, fantastic food and diving.

Best Dive Resort in Tulamben

For its commitment to the environment, excellent dive services, amazing accommodations, community initiatives, inclusivity, and a full vegan menu! Villa Markisa gets our vote as the best dive resort in Tulamben.

Villa Markisa is a top-notch resort right on the beach in Tulamben

It is well kept, the owners take pride in the resort, and it shows in all aspects. All of your needs can be catered for upon request, so you don’t have to worry about anything. This includes pick up from the airport, renting out scooters, and even organizing day trips when you want a day off from diving. From Denpasar airport, it is only a 2-hour drive through Bali’s mountains and rice fields. You can enjoy scenes of Mt Agung as you make your way.

Attention To Detail And Sustainability

A significant draw to this resort is its effort and commitment to the environment. From small touches like using glass straws instead of plastic ones to larger ones like bringing back batteries to Europe to get them recycled as Bali does not have a recycling or proper trash program. They also give all guests stainless steel refillable water bottles instead of smaller disposable plastic bottles.

The resort also supports the education of Indonesians and science research. The program is called (I gorget) and takes place next door. They genuinely do care about the environment and the local people as well.

The Dive Centre

Besides, have direct beach access to dive sites Villa Markisa has two boats at its disposal, so you don’t have to walk or cram into a van for every dive. This is quite special as most places don’t have a boat, not to mention two. Also, if your partner doesn’t want to dive they can come along on the boat and snorkel or just relax as well.

Villa Markissa | Backwater diving

Blackwater Diving

Have you ever heard of Blackwater diving? It is an exceptional experience where you go out in the dark to take creatures only seen in the dark of night. Few dive centres offer this, and even fewer have quality courses and dive guides that know what they are doing to make it a safe and enjoyable experience.

Rental Gear

They have all rental gear if needed, storage boxes and lockers to keep your equipment safe. The camera area is up to date and a chill place to sort through your photos after your dive. The centre is self-sufficient and fills tanks onsite.


The FoodVilla Markissa | Tulamben | Let Infnite Blue Dive Travel help you arrange your vegan diver dietary needs.

The kitchen is one of the reasons that we choose this resort. They locally source and get all food from inside the country and make dishes according to the season. The menu varies; you can ask for what you would like, and they can make it for you. If you are gluten-free or want some oat milk with your latte, no problem.

They make everything from bread to pasta in-house. Usually, it starts with a light breakfast before your dives, snacks between, lunch, and a hearty dinner after diving. We have a specially devised plant-based menu with this resort, which is superb.

Villa Markissa | Tulamben | Let Infnite Blue Dive Travel help you arrange your vegan diver dietary needs.Dining

The dining area is open-air, or if you want a bit of privacy you can stay in your room or go to one of the many sitting areas around the resort and sit on the beach and eat. For those of you who like to have a beer or cocktail after your dives, there is no need to worry, as the resort also has a bar.




Dive Packages

Deluxe bungalow | 4 nights
from $1190 USDper person
  • 10 dives | Inclusive of nitrox.
  • Full board vegan meals.
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Master bedroom | 4 nights.
from $1254 USDper person
  • 10 dives | Inclusive of nitrox.
  • Full board vegan meals.
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Deluxe bungalow | 8 nights.
from $1822 USDper person
  • 20 dives | Inclusive of nitrox.
  • Full board vegan meals.
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