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Scuba the remote. Dive with hammerhead sharks from a liveaboard of adventure and comfort. Inclusive dive tours.

The Liveaboard

Calico Jack liveaboard under sail | Infinite Blue Dive TravelBuilt-in the traditional Indonesian Phinsi style, Calico Jack hit the water back in 2013 and has been plying the waters of the Indonesian archipelago ever since.

This 30-metre yacht is crewed by a passionate and experienced group of 11, offering fantastic personalized service blended with a spirit of exploration and adventure.

She also sports two engines, adding extra safety to your next Indonesian scuba adventure.


Calico Jack liveboard | Infinite Blue dive travelCabins onboard the Calico Jack offer a luxurious and comfortable retreat for divers exploring the underwater wonders of Indonesia. Each cabin is meticulously designed with a focus on functionality and aesthetics, providing a cosy haven for guests after a day of exhilarating diving experiences.

High-quality materials and attention to detail create an ambience of sophistication, ensuring guests can unwind and recharge in style.


Food Onboard

Calico Jack dining area | Infinite Blue Dive TravelThe inclusive kitchen is trained in Asian and Western fusion cuisine and can cater to any dietary preference.

Breakfasts, lunch and dinners are served buffet-style around the communal table, bringing you together over fantastic food to discuss your incredible day diving the Banda Sea.

For more information regarding the menu and what is available for plant-based divers, do not hesitate to get in touch.


Liveaboard Facilities

  • Life Vests
  • Life Rafts
  • Fire alarms
  • GPS
  • Satelite & mobile phones
  • First Aid Kit
  • Oxygen Kit
  • Radio
  • Shaded dive deck
  • INT Tanks
  • DIN Tanks
  • Rental Equipment
  • Plant-based meals available
  • Indoor Salon
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Audio & Video System
  • Freshwater maker
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Deck Towels
  • Cabin towels
  • Nitrox
  • Camera Rinse Tanks
  • Camera/Video Storage
  • A/C cabins

Trip Exclusions

Kindly note that the trip cost excludes Marine Park | Port | Fuel surcharge (payable onboard), equipment rental (if any), and PADI course fees (if any).

Don’t hesitate to contact us for exact details, as the above charges may alter depending on which dive cruise itinerary interests you.


Day 1 | Embarkation in Sorong, Raja Ampat (1 Dive)

We will pick you up at Sorong airport and take you to the harbor where our crew will welcome you onboard Calico Jack. Following refreshments and a short tour of the ship, you will be briefed on safety, the diving operations, and life onboard.

You will be served a delicious lunch and have time to get acquainted with the ship, set up your dive gear & cameras and to meet and socialize with the other guests and friendly crew. We will do a check dive in the area later in the afternoon. Early morning we will navigate to Misool.

Days 1 – 6 | Southern Raja Ampat/Misool (16 – 18 Dives)

Misool is located South of Raja Ampat and is famous for its steep rocks with vertical walls, profusion of soft, colourful corals, sea fans draped bril- liantly over the reefs and plenty of fish.

The islands around East Misool are grouped by areas. These are the areas you can expect to visit (weather permitting) and the most popular dive sites we visit:

Day 2 | Wayilbatan: Dunia Kecil, Barracuda Rock, Four Kings, Wedding Cake + Night Dive (4 Dives)

The Wayilbatan area offers impressive dive sites with a remarkable range of marine diversity as well as topography. At Wedding Cake, schools of bat fish, trevallies, barracuda and pygmy seahorses congregate.

In the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to take in the scenic landscapes with some kayaking and paddle boarding amongst the most spectacular hidden lagoons in the region.

Four Kings dive site is made up of four underwater pinnacles covered in soft coral and colorful tunicates. You can swim from one rock to the next, enjoying the soft corals, psychedelic colors and abundant sh life. Be sure to look out for turtles here.

Day 3 | Balbulol: No Contest, Love Potion, Number 9, Pet Rock (3 Dives)

Schools of platax, snapper and bump head parrot fish can be found at these dive sites, including barracudas and jacks surrounding the pinnacles. You will spend the afternoon in the hidden lagoon; a very special anchorage inside a narrow bay enclosed by towering rocks.

We will take the dinghies to explore another lagoon located further into the rocks and as night falls, you will see and hear the magnificent Palm Cockatoos roosting along the rainforest edges.

Day 4 | Daram: Candy Store, Warna Berwana, Andiamo (3 Dives)

Andiamo is a large, stunning reef with a submerged pinnacle covered in sea fans and surrounded by schools of fusiliers and bat fish. Black tip reef sharks and napoleon wrasse can also be found here.

Candy Store, named so as the first divers to explore this reef felt like kids in a candy store, is covered in huge sponges, beautiful soft corals and sea fans. In the valleys, schools of fusiliers, butter fly fish and barracuda gather.

Day 5 | Yilliet: Whale Rock, Nudi Rock and Tank Rock (3 Dives)

In the early morning, we will take a short navigation to dive the Fiabacet area where colorful soft corals and beautiful sea fans smother the reefs. A deep underwater ridge connects the islands of Boo in the East, to Kalig in the West. In certain areas, the ridge moves up shallower to form the most unforgettable dive sites of the park.

These include Batu Kecil (also known as Tank Rock), Nudi Rock and Whale Rock. Here you will find one of the most extensive reef systems in all of Raja Ampat; offering an amazing range of marine diversity.

You can expect to see abundant and healthy fish life, a galore of pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, colorful anemones and reef sharks.

Day 6 | Warokaraket/Boo Island: Shadow Reef, Jamur Boo, Yellit Kecil or Besar + Night Dive (4 Dives)

Shadow Reef, also known as Magic Mountain is one of the top rated diving sites in Raja Ampat.

An offshore pinnacle with a long and narrow ridge, shoals of banner fish, pyramid buttery and yellow snappers can be seen cavorting on top of the ridge, persistently stalked by giant trevallies, orange-spotted jacks & longnose emperors.

The ridge goes progressively down, with yellowtail barracudas patrolling the upper sector and white tip and grey reef sharks found nestled under the large coral tables. At the end of the peninsular is a cleaning station where oceanic manta rays come to be cleaned from parasites by wrasse and other reef fish.

Boo Rock or Jamur Boo is known for the “windows” or rounded openings on the end of the largest rock that completely pierce the reef from the surface down to five meters deep.

Although the two rocks appear separate from the surface, they are in fact connected underwater by a magnificent reef draped in soft corals and brimming with fish. Reef sharks, parrot fish, surgeon fish, schooling bat fish, fusiliers, snappers and moray eels are all found here, as well as a wide variety of nudi- branchs, unicorn fish, octopus and green turtles.

Yellit Kecil’s (whilst sharing all of the attributes of its neighbouring sites) main characteristic is the large number of nembrotha nudibranchs that can be observed on the ridge.

Day 7 | Pulau Koon. Ceram (3 Dives)

Pulau Koon is a small island on the southeast of Ceram, half way between Raja Ampat and the Banda Islands. Underwater there are walls covered in soft corals, and sandy slopes with hard coral bommies. But the most interesting feature of this island is the amount of schooling fish and pelagic, barracudas, bigeye trevallies, aggregation of red snappers, pompanos, bat fish, and giant groupers.

Three great dives in this area before setting sailing towards Banda Islands.

Day 8 | Banda Islands (3 Dives)

Karang Hatta is a reef located South East of Pulau Hatta. The dive sites in this region are closest to the 6,000 meter deep Banda trench, making it an intriguing area as the chances of encountering pig pelagic species are quite high.

Schooling trevallies, barracudas, tuna, turtles, as well as hammerhead and grey reef sharks can be spotted close to this underwater mount. You will have two dives in this area, dependent upon the conditions, and then sail to the main island of Pulau Hatta were you will dive in front of the West shore beach where a 5 meter hole in the reef opens up to the sea.

You can dive down through the hole and find yourself looking back to what appears to be a bridge in the reef. The bridge is covered with soft corals, and large gorgonian fans underneath are home to various pigmy seahorses Overnight navigation to Pulau Koon.

Day 9 | Banda Neira Tour & Banda Islands (3 Dives)

Early morning, we will head to Banda Neira where you will have the chance to explore the remaining remnants of the former lucrative spice trade as well as take in the historic and cultural legacies of the islands.

You will spend the morning walking through the town and be given the chance to observe the Dutch colonial architecture which remains to this day, as well

as Fort Belgica with its incredible views overlooking the bay around the island. Before lunch, you will dive at Batu Kapal, which when translated means ‘boat rock’. A submerged pinnacle, the site has a rock breaking the surface of the water in the shape of a boat, hence the name.

Various types of fish are present here in vast numbers, along with huge gorgonian fans and some truly monumental sponges.

Your second dive will be at Pohon Miring. At this site, a large crack in the

reef creates a deep swim-through which you can drift through and view the sponge-covered wall on the other side. Moray eels can be spotted at the top of the wall as well as schools of bumphead parrot fish. Late in the afternoon, you will have a sunset dive at Banda’s jetty. In the shallows and amongst the stones from collapsed sea walls and jetties, mandarin fish congregate. This particular spot is one of the best in the world to spot mandarin fish.

Day 10 | Pulau Ai & Pulau Run Banda Islands (3 Dives)

Early morning, we arrive in Pulau Ai. This dive site, on the island of Ai, translates to Umbrella Rock as there are many overhangs along the walls of the island. You will be able to drift along the wall and enjoy the view of thousands of tiny reef fish darting in and out of the cracks and crevices.

For the second dive of the day, we’ll move onto Little Manhattan which is next to the island of Run. In 1667, the English traded the island of Run for Manhattan, giving the Dutch full control of the Banda archipelago. White sandy slopes interspaced with large coral heads and a healthy reef makes this a very beautiful dive site. A res- ident school of bumphead parrot fish may be spotted here, as well as passing eagle rays.

The third dive for the day will be an exploratory dive off Pulau Run. This region is full of unexplored dive sites and the Banda Sea is the perfect location for the discovery of new underwater treasures.

Day 11 | Nusa Laut & Molana (3 Dives)

Early morning, we arrive at the beautiful Amet Reef. It is situated only a few hours from Ambon and is a great example of successful grassroots conservation efforts. The locals have instilled sustainable methods to protect their reef, and as a result, the corals are outstanding and a favourite amongst dive enthusiasts. White tips and reef sharks patrol the depths and playful turtles can be spotted. For the incredibly lucky, hammerhead sharks and dugongs have also been spotted at this site.

After lunch, we will navigate to Molana Wall. The shallow wall breaks in places and in the sandy slopes, ribbon eels, small pipe fish and moray eels can be found. Above the reef, turtles are seen feeding in the beautiful coral garden. In the afternoon, we will navigate towards Ambon.

Day 12 | Disembarkation in Ambon, Maluku

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