Raja Ampat

Part of the Coral Triangle and containing the richest marine biodiversity on earth, Raja Ampat should be on the bucket list of any serious diver. Located at the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula, Papua Guinea, the Raja Ampat archipelago, or the Four Kings, consists of over 1500 small islands surrounding the main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo. Sorido Bay Resort is situated on Kri Island, and is right in the middle of the best diving on this planet!

Eco-Luxury on Kri

Eco-luxury on the island of Kri. Sister to Kri Eco Resort and the place to stay for one of the most highly experienced dive teams in the region.


Sorido Bay Resort

Sorido Bay Resort Bungalow

Sorido Bay Resort is strategically located in one of the most biodiverse marine areas in the world and gives easy access to the beauty of diving Raja Ampat. The resort provides comfortable and well-appointed bungalows situated right on the beach or over the water, and the accommodations blend traditional Papuan design with modern amenities.

The spot offers breathtaking views of crystal-clear waters, lush tropical vegetation, and stunning sunsets. Whether you’re in your bungalow or enjoying a meal at the resort’s restaurant, you’ll be surrounded by awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Diving at Sorido Bay

Papua divers dive boat | Sorido Bay Resort | Infinite Blue Dive Travel

The resort is a stone’s throw away from Cape Kri, one of the world’s most renowned dive sites. Here, Dr G. Allen famously counted 374 species on a single dive! Not a bad house reef to have on your doorstep.

Nitrox is free of charge for those certified, enabling you to experience some of the richest reefs on the planet for longer. Many of Raja’s most well-known dive sites are within a short boat ride from the Kri Eco Resort jetty, so you won’t be missing out on the manta rays, schools of pelagics and lush soft coral gardens that diving Raja Ampat has to offer.

Up to four guided dives a day are scheduled, and unguided dives on the jetty are possible seven days a week. Dives are available as an unlimited package or as a separate add on.

How to get There?

Kri Island beach | Infinite Blue Dive travel

The resort is a comparatively short 2-hour boat ride from Sorong Harbour, where the resort staff will meet you for your ride out to the dive trip of a lifetime. The scheduled boat transfer is free for those with a stay of seven nights or longer.

Conservation Efforts?

Sorido Bay Resort is involved in local conservation initiatives to preserve Raja Ampat’s delicate marine ecosystem. Moreover, staying at the resort will provide you with opportunities to learn about and contribute to these conservation efforts.

Vegan, Plant-based and Vegan Curious

Special Dinner by the beach at Sorido Bay Dive Resort

Sorido Bay Resort is an inclusive, environmentally conscious dive operation and will cater to those on an adapted diet. Besides fresh vegetables and fruits, the kitchen also uses a lot of tempe, tofu, and nuts. Palm oil is the most commonly used cooking oil used in Indonesia, but here only coconut oil is used which is healthier and better for the environment. Let us know what your preferences are, and we will take care of it for you.


  • Up to four guided dives are scheduled per day.
  • Most dive sites are within a 15-minute boat ride from the jetty, so you will spend your surface interval back at Kri.
  • On a normal day, two dives are scheduled in the morning, one in the afternoon, and then an optional dusk or night dive.

Boat diving is offered 6 days/week: from Sunday – Friday. On Saturdays during the daytime, it is only possible for guests to dive on the resort house reef unguided (buddy team mandatory). For guests that don’t fly out the next day Sunday, on Saturday evening we can organize an optional guided (boat) night dive.

Getting to your resort in Raja Ampat will usually require a boat transfer. The beauty of the area is its’ remoteness so the transfer can sometimes take a while. We suggest booking your trip to coincide with free transfer days if possible.

Booking a standard package includes the scheduled boat transfers:

  • 7, 14 & 21 nights: Sunday till Sunday
  • 10 & 17 nights: Sunday till Wednesday or Thursday till Sunday

Non-standard packages (minimum 3 nights) do not include the boat transfers and these will be charged extra on top of the package price.

Dive Packages

8D7N Sentani Bungalow
from $3580 USDper person
  • Full board.
  • Boat transfer included.
  • Unlimited diving.
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11D|10N Sentani Bungalow
from $5000 USDper person
  • Unlimited diving.
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15D|14N Sentani Bungalow
from $7020 USDper person
  • Unlimited diving.
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Create your own package
from $2680 USDper person
  • Contact us to put together an acommodation and diving package to suit you.
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