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Considered to be the best scuba diving in Thailand, the Similan islands on the west coast, 60 nautical miles from Phuket offer a range of different underwater landscapes, coral, and marine life. Undoubtedly considered one of the top scuba locations in the world, the Similan islands by liveaboard is an excellent way for both new divers and seasoned divers alike to experience living and diving from a boat with the chance of amazing encounters large and small. The rocky underwater landscapes of the south, with boulders, huge coral fans, and the possibility of shark sitings, to the beautiful coral gardens of the northern Similan islands, teeming with reef fish and macro opportunities.

The June Hong Chian Lee is one of several junks built in Penang, Malaysia, and is a 30-meter-long, 140-ton, three-mast junk with 330 square meters of sails. Incredibly, the Junk was completely renovated as a dive liveaboard in 1997 and can accommodate 18 divers. There are two private cabins with convertible twin/double beds, 2 three berth cabins, which can be shared twins and can also be turned into a private double bed, and 2 four berths cabins, which are all bunks but can be used as shared twins. All the cabins are air-conditioned and have a hot water shower and ensuite bathroom. For a Similan diving experience in grand style with a taste of history, the Junk is a perfect choice. Having been transversing the area for many years the long-serving crew is extremely knowledgeable and will ensure a safe trip while enjoying the best diving.

The Similan Islands have long been a favorite of ours for the awesome balance of diving, relaxation and great Thai food, a great selection of Vegan choices that will leave your mouth partying and stomach larger for days after your trip has finished. From the awe-inspiring granite landscapes of Sharkfin Reef, Boulder City, and Elephant Head Rock, to the Pelagic sites of Koh Bon and Koh Tachai Pinnacle, onwards to Jacque Cousteau’s Richelieu Rock and the mysterious beauty of the Surin Islands. The Junk itineraries offer you a great all-around Similan experience.


  • Light breakfast followed by a briefing and Dive one.
  • Full breakfast, relaxation followed by briefing and dive two,
  • Lunch, relaxation followed by briefing and dive three.
  • Dinner will be served either after the sunset dive or before the night dive.
  • Days one and seven are reserved for embarkation and disembarkation, three dives will be scheduled for the final day to allow plenty of time to off-gas.

Four dives around the more southern parts of the Similan Island chain, these could include, Honeymoon Bay, Sharkfin Reef, Boulder city.

Moving north, your four dives will include sites such as Elephant Head Rock, Elephant Head Pinnacle, Breakfast bend and Koh Bon.

Looking for Pelagics in Koh Bon and Koh Tachai.  Two of the most famous dive sites in Thailand they are both renowned for sitings of Manta Ray, Whale Shark and Leopard Sharks. Late in the season Koh Bon can be truly amazing, at least one of us here has had their best dive ever drifting from Koh Bon pinnacle to the point surrounded in Manta Ray.

Four dives around the less visited Surin Islands and the world famous Richilieu Rock, discovered by Jacque Cousteau and considered a Whale Shark magnet in the Andaman Sea, perhaps due to the horseshoe shape of the dive site. Not to be missed.

The dive itinerary is flexible and will depend on the weather and also your dive interests. There are three wrecks around the Khao Lak area which are all worthy dives, the most famous being the Boonsong wreck, which is surrounded with schools of fish, has great macro and also has the odd Leopard or Whale shark visiting.

  • Disembarkation day and farewell to all your new diving buddies, extremely happy and well fed.

Dive Packages

4 nights Similan and Surin islands
from $768 USDper person
  • Full board. Western style breakfast, lunch and dinner delicious Thai food.
  • Four dives per day, with two on disembarkation day,
  • The fourth dive of the day could be either a sunset dive or a night dive.
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6 nights Similan and Surin islands
from $1152 USDper person
8 nights Similan and Surin islands
from $1920 USDper person

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