Explore our Favourite Dive Destinations in These Regions

Handpicked For You

During our years of experience in the diving industry, we have encountered many fantastic dive operations, that make that an extra effort to provide for divers on a plant-based diet. Unfortunately, we have also experienced many that have failed to adapt to the change that is taking place. They lacked the intellectual curiosity to understand the relationship between what goes on your plate, and the fate of the environment. Their lack of moral conviction has failed them to provide for the swelling of understanding amongst divers. Growing recognition of the cruelty of industries that take advantage of animals. Sadly, they fail to make the connection between the fate of the oceans, the dive environment, and what people consume.

Don’t Worry! We Have Got You

We have dived and eaten our way around the globe, to select the best dive operators, in the most unique of dive destinations, and different budgets for you. Take a look at our favourite dive spots in Southeast Asia, spread through the fascinating countries of Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Dive the Most Iconic Locations

Often remote, idyllic, but drenched in underwater action. Corals, reef fish, and oceanic pelagics call the Pacific their home. The remote nature of some Pacific dive destinations could lead you to assume that vegan divers or those on a plant-based diet are not likely to be catered for. Never fear! We work with operators to ensure your preferences are well attended to, and there shall not be fries after every dive (unless you really want fries). Here are some of our favourite scuba locations to consider for your next dive holiday.

Bucket List Scuba Locales

Dive destinations of legend. You have seen them in wildlife documentaries on television. Spread over pages in diving magazines. People tell you that these were Jaque Cousteau’s absolute favourite places to scuba on this planet. These often isolated islands or archipelagoes, and the dive operators that visit them, are increasingly welcoming to the diving and nutrient necessity of plant-based scuba fans. Check out some of our favourite dive spots in the Americas.