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How to be a Vegan While Traveling

Navigating the world as a vegan traveler can be an exciting yet challenging endeavour. While the increasing global interest in plant-based lifestyles has made it easier to find suitable options in many locations, there are still instances where being vegan while traveling requires some forward-thinking and preparation. The good news? We’ve devised a comprehensive plan to help keep you well-fed and content on your travels.

Begin With a Plan

How to be a vegan while traveling: A comprehensive guide | Infinite Blue Dive Travel

Taking the time to research your destination before your trip is a key step, as much as I love winging it, it doesn’t always work out.

Identify Vegan-Friendly Establishments: Several online resources, such as HappyCow, can provide a wealth of information on vegan restaurants and grocery stores in your chosen location. Consider compiling a list of potential eateries and stores before your departure.

Discover Local Dishes: Depending on where you’re headed, you might be surprised to find local dishes that are naturally vegan. Try to familiarize yourself with potential vegan food options by browsing local cuisine online on websites like Vegan Foundry.

Check Accommodations: Consider the benefits of self-catering options when booking your accommodation. Access to a kitchen can provide flexibility and ensure you always have vegan ingredients at hand.

Learn the Language: If you are traveling to a destination where English isn’t the first language, brushing up on some important phrases, like “I don’t eat meat, dairy, or eggs” can be beneficial. Translation apps can also be an invaluable tool.

Vegan While Traveling: Pre-Travel Preparation

Packing smartly can make a significant difference for vegan travelers. Websites like A Case For Plant Based provide great tips and advice.

Snack Sensibly: Pack portable vegan snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, granola bars, or vegan protein bars. These can be lifesavers when traveling to remote or less vegan-friendly locations.

Meal Replacements: It’s a good idea to bring along some meal replacements or protein powders for potential instances where finding vegan food might be challenging.

Make Wise Restaurant Choices

How to be vegan while traveling: A comprehensive guide | Infinite Blue Dive Travel

In a new city, choosing restaurants wisely can mean the difference between a bland salad and a flavorful vegan dish. Use your pre-travel research to find suitable dining options, especially if going to a remote place. Lots of islands don’t have the most choices or vegan seafood.

Be Adaptable and Patient

Patience and adaptability are vital qualities for any vegan traveler. Even with all the planning in the world, there may still be instances where finding a vegan meal is a challenge. In such situations, remember, that the goal is to do your best given the circumstances, even if it’s not perfect.

Network With Fellow Vegans

How to travel vegan, network with other vegans | Infinite Blue Dive Travel

Connecting with fellow vegans can be an enjoyable part of travel. Use social meet-up websites, Facebook groups, or Instagram to connect with local vegan groups or other vegan travelers. Websites like Meetup make it easy to find and join local vegan groups.

Embrace Local Vegan Food Services

In many cities worldwide, vegan food delivery services are available. Such services can be a boon when you’re tired after a day of sightseeing and prefer a quiet night in. Also, local grocery stores usually stock a variety of fruits, vegetables, and vegan staples that you can utilize for self-catering.

Prepare For In-Flight Meals

Airplane food can often be hit-or-miss for vegans. Consider preparing and packing a meal for the journey if it’s allowed and feasible. This way, you’ll ensure you have something tasty and nutritious to eat, regardless of the in-flight offerings.

Try Vegan Tours and Cooking Classes

How to be vegan while traveling: A comprehensive guide | Infinite Blue Dive Travel

Exploring vegan cooking classes and food tours can be a fun and enlightening way to discover local cuisine. These experiences also present an opportunity to connect with local people and other vegan travelers.

Respect Cultural Differences

In some cultures, the idea of veganism may not be thoroughly understood. It’s important to approach such situations with understanding and patience. Politely explain your dietary preferences, and view this as an opportunity to spread veganism awareness.


Equipped with these tips and strategies, you’re now ready to set out as a vegan globetrotter. Remember that being a vegan traveler not only revolves around finding great food but also seizing opportunities to learn and grow. It’s about carving out a space for yourself and your values while respecting and experiencing different cultures. See this as an adventure where you can inspire and be inspired. Bon voyage, and enjoy the ride!

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