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The Best Places to Scuba Dive In Indonesia

Both Teagan and I spend a lot of time diving in Indonesia. It is simply one of the best places to dive in the world. With thousands of islands, coral reefs, and a diverse marine ecosystem, it is a haven for scuba diving enthusiasts.

Given the wide variety of environments you can dive into in Indonesia, giving ‘a best of’ is tricky. But here we are, and here we go. Our carefully curated, best places to scuba dive in Indonesia tranche number one.

Raja Ampat

Located in West Papua, Raja Ampat is a paradise for divers. It boasts over 1,500 species of fish and 600 species of coral, making it one of the most biodiverse areas on Earth. Divers here can explore vibrant coral reefs and see vast schools of fish while also experiencing some of the most beautiful island scenery above water. Diving with manta rays is almost guaranteed, and the wobbegong sharks are incredible to see swimming around.

The Best Way  To Dive Raja AmpatIndonesian Siren dive deck

The best experience is from a dive liveaboard, although the number of well-placed dive resorts has recently grown and should be considered. Some of our recommended ones are here: The best dive liveaboards in Raja Ampat. One of our perennial favourites is the Indo Siren.

Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is famous for its dragons and is a world-renowned dive destination. The park has over 1,000 species of fish, manta rays, sharks, and turtles. Over 50 dive sites with varying difficulty levels make for an experience you will not forget. Komodo has some of the most intense dive sites I have ever dived in current and underwater topography. Therefore, I would recommend this as a destination for divers with more diving experience.

The Best Way To Dive KomodoCarpe Diem under sail

Due to the remoteness and size of the park, Komodo is best dived from a liveaboard, although, as with Raja Ampat, more dive resorts have been popping up recently. Here though, is a list of our favourite dive liveaboards in Komodo. A great example is the Carpe Diem Phinisi. A gorgeous mid-range liveaboard that specializes in small groups and has impressive cuisine onboard to boot.

The Banda Sea

Located around the Maluku Islands, the Banda Sea is a relatively new dive destination and can only be dived on the changing of the monsoon; outside of these times, the conditions are unsuitable for passage. Still considered to be exploratory, with many dive sites unnamed or just never been dived before. The only times to visit are February to April and September to November, and only by dive liveaboard. While diving the Banda Sea, you can expect large schools of pelagic fish, hammerhead sharks, whales and incredibly clear waters.

Diving The Banda SeaSolitude Adventurer | Infinite Blue Dive Travel

The only way to experience this remarkable dive destination is from a liveaboard. Our recommended Banda Sea Dive Liveaboards are here. A shining example of a Banda Sea dive liveaboard is the Solitude Adventurer, which is also why it is usually booked out years in advance. Don’t let that put you off; we can often arrange a cabin space for you.


Bali is not just a popular tourist destination but is also home to some fantastic dive spots. One of the best is Tulamben, where the  USAT Liberty wreck sits. The wreck has become a magnet for divers and marine life and is conveniently situated a few metres from the shore. Covered in coral, sponges and swarming with schools of fish, the vessel can be dived many times and still not be completely experienced. The area around Tulamben and Amed has recently become a hot spot for macro underwater photography, with an extensive array of cryptic critters such as nudibranchs, shrimp and frogfish being discovered. If you are an aficionado of wrecks and muck diving, Bali should be on your list.

The Best Way To Dive BaliVilla Markissa | Tulamben | Let Infinite Blue DIve Travel arrange your vegan diver dietary needs.

The best way to dive in Bali is from a dive resort, as most dive sites are easily accessible from the shore or a short boat ride from the dive shop. One of the advantages of staying in a resort is that you can wander around the area and explore some of the local cultures. You can generally choose between a stay-and-dive package or an all-inclusive dive package. You can read more about all-inclusive dive packages here. Some more information on our best dive resorts in Bali can be found here.

One of our favourite dive resorts in Bali is the beautiful Villa Markisa. This resort in Tulamben offers beautifully designed rooms, and creative menus, has a fantastic dive operation and gives back to the local community.

The Lembeh Strait

The undisputed world champion of the macro photography world is the Lembeh Strait, the majesty of muck. This beautiful little spot between the mainland Manado and the island of Lembeh in north Sulawesi is famous for its cryptic critters, frogfish, shrimps, nudibranchs and octopuses.

Located within a convenient flight from Singapore to Sam Ratulangi airport, then an hour’s drive on the new highway, Lembeh is now more accessible than ever. This fantastic destination is a paradise for underwater photographers and those seeking the weird and wonderful. Expect long dives searching for the small stuff amongst the black sand and stunning soft coral north of the strait.

Where To Stay To When You Dive Lembeh?

Dive into Lembeh's world famous house reef Lembeh Strait

There are around 30 main dive sites in Lembeh Strait, all accessible by speed boat from the resorts dotted along the mainland or over on the Lembeh Island side of the strait. Although some dive liveaboards make Lembeh part of their dive itinerary, the best way to dive the area is from a dive resort. Our favourite dive resort in the Lembeh strait is Dive Into Lembeh. A well-priced option, with carefully designed bungalows and an amazing dive operation with some of the most experienced dive guides in the business. After diving, you can even enjoy a Japanese-style onsen on your bungalow balcony.

When Is The Best Time To Dive in Indonesia?

Indonesia can be dived all year round. The locations mentioned above all have on and off seasons, but you will surely find something to match your holiday time. If it is off-season in Komodo, why not head to Raja Ampat? If you would like to find out more then get in touch with us. Infinite Blue Dive Travel will work tirelessly to ensure your plant-based dive journey is the best.


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