Reduce Your Impact With Vegan Dive Travel

At Infinite Blue Dive Travel, we support marine conservation initiatives and local livelihood projects that reduce our negative impact on the oceans. This is why when you make any booking with Infinite Blue Dive Travel, a donation will be made to a local conservation organization.

How You Can Contribute

One of the simplest ways YOU can make a direct, positive contribution is by reducing your meat consumption, moving towards a plant-based diet, and supporting vegan-friendly dive resorts and dive liveaboards with plant-based menu options. Aside from helping to reduce the rapid depletion of global fish stocks by simply not eating seafood and minimizing the market, there are other, perhaps not so obvious, indirect reasons why a plant-based diet can positively affect marine conservation. Our vegan diver’s travel vacations/recommendations are superb for vegan, plant-based and vegan-curious scuba divers who like to play their part in local conservation!

Stop Eating Seafood

A reduced demand can result in reduced fishing, particularly in those methods that pose a mortal danger to  ‘peripheral’ victims, such as turtles, dolphins, sharks, and sea birds. There is no longer any fishery that can be considered ‘sustainable’.


Approximately more than a third of the annual global fisheries catch is ground up into meals to feed farmed animals and, ironically, to sustain farmed fish.

What About the Meat Though

The agricultural industry and farming significantly impact the health of the oceans due to pollutants and runoff involved in the process. Not only do farmed animals create a large carbon footprint by producing high amounts of methane, which leads to ocean acidification. Growing crops to feed the massive number of these animals uses vast amounts of pesticides and other pollutants. These are carried into the oceans via our waterways and directly cause dead zones in the ocean. The production of crops to feed livestock takes an enormous amount of freshwater, leading to shortages and placing even greater stress on communities that could, given the lack of these stressors (and availability of freshwater), move away from fishing as their primary food source. Perhaps even eventuate in a more bio-diverse, environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

Choose Vegan Dive Itineraries

As vegan divers, you are already caring for the ocean, and choosing vegan dive options helps to even better conserve marine life. Let us give you some fantastic choices to help the oceans during your plant-based scuba vacations. If you are vegan or vegetarian, plant-based or vegan-curious, keep an eye on here for some tried, tested, and tasty dive itinerary treats.

Some of Our Favourite Dive Itineraries Are Here