Reduce your impact with vegan dive travel

Here at Infinite Blue, we support marine conservation initiatives and local livelihood projects that reduce our negative impact on the oceans, which is why when you make any booking with Infinite Blue Dive Travel, a donation will be made to a local conservation organization. One of the simplest ways that YOU can make a direct, positive contribution is by reducing your consumption of meat, moving towards a plant-based diet, and supporting vegan friendly dive resorts with plant-based menu options.  Aside from helping to reduce the rapid depletion of global fish stocks by merely reducing the market, there are other perhaps not so obvious, indirect reasons why a plant-based diet can have positive effects on marine conservation. Our vegan dive travel vacations / recommendations are superb for vegan divers, and all those who like to play their part in local conservation!

Forced reduction in particular methods of fishing will have a positive effect on the dangers to ‘peripheral’ victims, such as turtles, dolphins, sharks, and sea birds.

The agricultural industry and farming have a significant impact on the health of the oceans due to pollutants and runoff involved in the process. Not only do farmed animals create a large carbon footprint by producing a high amount of methane that adds to the acidification of the ocean but the growing of crops to feed the massive number of these animals, uses vast amounts of pesticides and other pollutants which are carried into the oceans via our waterways, and are a direct cause of dead zones in the ocean. The production of crops to feed livestock takes an enormous amount of freshwater which leads to shortages and places even greater stress on communities that perhaps could move away from fishing as their primary source of food.

Approximately more than a third of the annual global fisheries catch is ground up into meal to feed farmed animals and ironically to sustain farmed fish.

As a diver, you already care for the ocean, and by choosing vegan dive options it helps better conserve the marine life. Let us give you some fantastic options to help the ocean during your plant-based scuba vacations. If you are already vegan or vegetarian, then watch here for some tried and tested culinary treats.


The below grading system is based on the vegan gastronomical experiences of our staff at dive resorts, dive liveaboards, or wholly vegan dive resorts / liveaboards represented on our site, information relating to the individual menus and offerings is on hand, just ask us. When scoring plant-based dishes we took into consideration taste, presentation, creativity, effort and the use of locally produced products,(if possible). We call our grading system the ‘Al Thursby’ after our colleague and companion Alistair Thursby. Al has been a crusader for the environment for eons, as the Vegan Baker, he has been spreading plant-based love for years, and as a teacher, he has brought thousands of PADI babies into being. Al has run vegan dive resorts and liveaboards all over Asia, most recently instilling vegan diving love in the crew and passengers alike on the Palau Siren, Palau. The pastor of the Pawikan (egg free),  we immortalize his discerning palate here.

The Al Thursby grading system:

Five 'Al Thursby' leaves: Holy Shit!

Five of Al’s leaves is reserved for the creme de la creme, not cream but a vegan alternative, a rumbling that wells in the stomach, up the throat, flies past the taste buds and roars out Holy Shit! This accolade is for those dive resorts and liveaboards whom have not only made a great effort to support a plant-based diet, but have risen up and are actively spreading vegan love. The dishes on offer show great creativity, presentation, thoughtfulness, amplify the use of local produce and of course taste bloody great. As someone who enjoys eating plant-based, this what you would wish for on every dive holiday.

Four 'Al Thursby' Leaves: Game Changer!

Four of Al’s leaves represents an incredible meal that may dangerously leave you skipping dives just to eat more at lunch. This award is given to those dive resorts and liveaboards whom have made a fantastic effort in supporting plant-based diets, they have actively thought about and created great saliva inducing vegan dishes that you would recommend to others, whether you are Vegan or not. These menus will keep you coming back, not just for the diving, but also the munching, these operations have gone ‘beyond’ and seen it’s not ‘impossible’.

Three 'Al Thursby' leaves: Momma's cooking.

Three of Al’s leaves is for those that have at least given it a crack. The ball hasn’t left the park, but dribbled away to the onside for two. Plant-based offerings that leave you full and contented, comfortable like a vegan mac n cheese or a burger that has not yet gone impossible or beyond, but has a sensible vegan patty nevertheless. You will certainly be back for the consistent cuisine and the awesome diving.

Two 'Al Thursby' leaves: Spot the difference.

Two of Al’s leaves are for those menus that think plant-based dining is salad and for other such things that a ‘rabbit’ may consume. Eating here is something that you can put up with because the diving is so damn good, but remain unsatisfactorily full on empty carbs and fancy lettuce. You wont find dive resorts and liveaboard operators with two leaves here, but we are more than willing to help those with a two leaf rating to step up their vegan game, please get in touch.

One 'Al Thursby' leaf: Give it a chew.

The one Al leaf rating has been a bit of an impossible sausage of contention here at Infinite Blue. Al in his Vegan benevolence has suggested that all plant-based menu items should be given a chew, but we also suggest that you dig around looking for hidden meat bits, shrimp or fish that have been placed there because you obviously don’t know what you are missing out on. These dive operators not only show themselves to have a complete lack of empathy, appalling customer service and inability to evolve, but will certainly not be featured here. Although in these cases there is a very slim chance of success, Al has again offered to help with suggestions to improve your kitchen and step your company up into a new compassionate world.