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What is an All-Inclusive Dive Trip?

There are a lot of options for dive trips whether it be a liveaboard or a resort. It can get a bit confusing with what each difference is and what it includes. Even inclusive dive trips can vary from the different types. 

An all-inclusive dive trip to a resort or liveaboard is one price with all the diving and includes all the essentials in the original price. You will get accommodation, food, drinks, diving, and entertainment without having to pay extra for it. The only thing you may have to pay for is alcohol, diving on nitrox, or any dive courses.

A truly all-inclusive dive trip should not have any surprise costs and be hassle-free. There are some nuances and things that can get a little confusing. I will go over the different types of trips and the pros and cons of each 

Are all all-inclusive liveaboards and dive resorts the same?

Not they are not. They all have differences but are likely to be similar in most aspects, like the number of dives a day and food. Once you have done all of your research on your destination and where you will want to go ask the agent or company you are booking all the questions you may have. There is usually a limit to what you can have so be sure to inquire. Here are some questions you may want to ask. 

  • Is the transfer from the airport or my hotel included?
  • Are alcoholic beverages included? What type of alcohol will be available?
  • How long is the kitchen open? Can I access for 24/7? 
  • Is nitrox included? 
  • How many dives are included a day? 
  • Is the WiFi included? 
  • Are gratuity, tips, and taxes included?
  • Are there any marine park fees? 
  • Can I rent dive gear? 
  • Any food allergies or dislikes? 

How does the service and food work on a liveaboard?

Service aboard the Tiare Cruise | All inclusive dive tripGreat food makes for a great liveaboard experience, as it will be your home for the next week or so, it makes sense to check what is on culinary offer. Liveaboard food service will generally comprise three meals a day with snacks in between dives, which will include a light snack before your first dive of the day.

Some operators will advertise four meals a day which will be a light breakfast before your first dive. This is rather than a random snack, with a full breakfast available after your first dive. I prefer to have the option of a light breakfast before my first dive as I tend to get up early for the sunrise and do a bit of yoga. This gives me energy before what is usually the most intense dive of the day.

Snacks during the day can vary drastically in quality from operator to operator and can affect the overall satisfaction of your liveaboard experience. Snacks can range from a few cookies/ biscuits with coffee and tea to a selection of freshly baked delights or desserts/ puddings. Tea, coffee, and basic snacks should be available all through the day with energy snacks such as chocolates often available for purchase.

Again, if you are vegan or have any allergies, it is best to ensure that snacks are properly catered for you. It can take a bit of thought and preparation to bake for a vegan if the chef is used to using butter and eggs.

inDining onboard the Tiare Cruise | All inclusive dive tripThe service of food also ranges from operator to operator. The meals may be served in all different ways from buffet style, ala carte, or just dinner being served ala carte. Seating is also the same, you may be seated at a dining table or on an outdoor deck enjoying the scenery and if you want to hermit you can eat in your room. Make sure you communicate with your agent and get the scuba vacation you have dreamed of.

What isn’t included in all-inclusive dive travel? 

This is not set in stone so ask about it but generally, these things are not included. 

  • Tips for staff and dive guides
  • Resort taxes
  • Marine park fees
  • Nannies and babysitting services
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Nitrox or other technical gases
  • Flashlight/ Torch rentals 
  • Land excursions
  • Scuba courses 
  • Private guides
  • Airport transfers

How much are all-inclusive dive trips? 

The MY Galaxy Diver | Dive the Galapagos and let Infinite Blue take care of your vegan diver dietary needs | All inclusive dive tripThese will range widely on if you want a liveaboard or resort, where you want to go, and how long you want the trip to be. For example, we have specials (the trips are coming up soon) for around $3,000 to places like the Galapagos on a 10-day trip. On the other hand, dive trips to the Similan Islands in Thailand for under $1,000. These are just liveaboards. 

Dive resorts are similar and range from less than $100 a day to over $200. There is more variety with dive resorts since you are not on the boat you have the option to eat elsewhere, dive less, and do day excursions. The excursions are usually extra and if you eat out that is not included either. 

What is the difference between half-board, full-board and all-inclusive? 

I will compare the two vs all-inclusive for you. 

  • All-inclusive vs Half-board- You won’t find full inclusions when you pay for half-board, as the name suggests. Some options and services are included, while others are not and vary.  You’ll definitely need to check to make sure you’re clear about this before you book your dive trip. Most of the time half-board means that they will offer breakfast and lunch, snacks between dives,  but not dinner.
  • All-inclusive vs Full-board- Full-board is not used as much as it used to be but you still see it here and there. It means that most of your meals on your dive trip will be provided. It is uncommon in full-board that you’re charged extra for things like basic beverages and extra meals. This is one of the major aspects that differ from all-inclusive trips.

How do I choose a dive trip? 

This is up to you but there is something for everyone and all different levels. This article is about finding one for vegan divers but here are a few things to consider. 

  • What is your budget?- Don’t forget to include airfare gear and transport.
  • Do you want an Eco-Friendly hotel/ resort?- While they may be vegan they may not all be that eco-friendly.
  • How long do you want your trip to be?- Including getting to and from the destination  
  • Do you want to do land excursions?- Usually not included in all-inclusive but a good thing to do when visiting somewhere.
  • Do you need to take a course?- Not all liveaboards do courses so you may need to stay at a resort which is still great. 
  • Does your partner or spouse dive?- If they don’t a hotel or resort can be a much better option as they can participate in other activities while you dive. 
  • What do you want to see? – Mantas and large pelagics or macro and muck diving

What are the best dive destinations? 

Indonesia : One of the world's best dive destinations. also one of the best for vegan scuba divers.The best dive destinations are highly personal and dependent on what you are looking to experience underwater. These factors include but are not limited to the service you receive, the food you are served, and how much this is costing you.

If I really had to choose one, like really had to pick one.  I would have to say Indonesia. This is because it has a variety of lush dive environments, a fantastic choice of liveaboards/resorts, flexibility, and amazing food for my dietary preference. Also, the people give wonderful friendly service, and incredible options to spend my time pre or post-dive trip. I do have to follow that up with, there is nothing like the Galapagos, Cocos, Socorro, or Fiji. Find someone with experience that can help you tailor the best dive vacation for you.

Are all-inclusive dive trips worth the money?

If you don’t want to worry about everything and you find a good one then it is definitely worth the money. Especially if you are a vegan and want to make sure you are eating clean and healthy food I would definitely go for all-inclusive.  Again make sure to read the fine print to make sure things you think are included aren’t an added cost. The nice thing about booking with an agent or a company they can figure out all the details for you.

Is dive or travel insurance included on the dive trip? 

Usually, dive insurance is not included at dive hotels and resorts. You should get your own travel and dive insurance. On some liveaboards, they will sell it for an extra cost and some even require that you have it for the trip. It is always a good idea to get it. I have written up about the topic and Why you should get short-term travel and dive insurance

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